Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Day Another Nickel

You LOVE The Big Bang Theory! Andy is watching it right now, and you hear him laughing. It reminds you of the fun and laughs you had together when you were dating.

On to business.

Grandmother Ona had her surgery for parathyroid removal today. It went well. She is the most HATEFUL person on the face of the earth! She told Megan that she had GAINED WEIGHT! Of all people....Megan!!! With as much as we are going through with her! She struggles with self image on a good day!

Take it easy on yourself. Focus on calorie reduction and healthy eating!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 1

Today you realized two things: 
  • the heat is what is making you feel so fatigued (it is not depression)
  • your desire to create is being impeded by the chaos in your craft room.
You need to remember:
  • When the temperature outside begins to be 90 degrees or more, you will start to feel so bad that you will either think you are having a flare up because you are "coming down with something" or that you are in a depression. You are NOT.
  • When the weather does begin to get hotter, and you are starting to notice the effects, take measures to combat it: 
    • Wear your cooling vest when outside.
    • Stay in A/C as much as possible.
    • Take a break more often to drink a cold drink.
    • Remind yourself that even though you don't feel as well and can't do as much, you are still doing fine!
  • You put your bulletin boards that you made by painting on ceiling tiles in Southern Style today. Savanna loved them! Be very proud of yourself. You have talent, even if you don't want to admit it.
  • You sold two dance canvases that you made by stapling tulle at the bottom of pink tinted canvases and adding ribbon straps hanging on a hanger. You sold these two canvases the week of the Andalusia Ballet recital. This was good because there were only three days that people had to shop for your canvases. You should expect to sell many more for the Opp recital. Savanna loves these too! 
To Do:
  1. URGENT: Make Style Tags for Bulletin Boards at Savannas
  2. Make 8x10 dance canvases
  3. URGENT: Clean craft room
  4. Check Clearance Rack for SU
  5. Organize craft room boxes--see previous post for today
  6. Cook supper tomorrow
  7. Get paperwork ready to go to bank for loan
Tumbling tonight. She wrote Justin Beiber a fan letter. She is so cute. She told him he "rocks like crazy"!
She has so much homework right now because finals are coming. She has to turn in her shadowing program application tomorrow.
The top closet rod fell off the wall today on his side of the closet! Hilarious!! But tons of work. The girls and I thought it was a prowler, and I went to investigate with a small fork in hand!! There has been trouble at work with attitude, but that has been all resolved. Basically, Andy was patted on the back and commended for having a good attitude for the company. It will pay off in the long run.

Feng Shui in a Craft Room

You watched one of Marion's videos (apieceofcraftdotcom on YouTube), and it was one of her and her husband. Garrett was saying that having disorganization, even if it is enclosed in a box or basket, causes your feng shui(sp?) to be off, which causes your creativity and inspiration to be blocked. Believe it!

While you were sick recently, when you would get something or go in to make a card real quick, you would leave the mess out because you didn't feel like cleaning up. Also, before you got sick you had been doing a huge creation of stock for the store of my items, and that left the new Tim Holtz stuff, your Big Shot stuff (which is still not organized to your satisfaction), all the stamps and things you used for the happy bday cards for Mama, and the paints and things that you had been using all out too! So the area is a mess that needs to be cleaned up, and there is a lot of new things that need a home. TH stuff is now in a box, but it is not organized, but where to put it. The chipboard box, which has cut chipboard pieces from packaging, coasters, etc. in it is in such chaos, it is hard to be motivated to do a mini---that you are dying to do--because you will have to deal with that stuff in that box! Oh, and you have a new (old) bookshelf that needs painting--it is bumblebee yellow leftover from the old elementary school, which you bought from the neighbor for $20-- and you need to get all my children's bookmaking things on that shelf too.

So after watching the video, you know for a fact that you are sort of avoiding the area because of the chaos within, even though when it is cleaned up there is no visible chaos. The new bookshelf will help a LOT. But there is a huge need to take some of those "chaos in a box" boxes and organize them more neatly. It will really help your "aura".
LOL--- No, you are not some new age hippie or anything, but what Garrett (Marion's husband from the video) said really made sense!! Her room is so neat/oragnized, and you love that she has a small sofa and table for sitting and reading, etc. You would probably spend a ton of time in your room if you had a seating area...
Maybe your next plan should be to rearrange and add that red comfy chair!


This blog is written to myself.

The reason I am taking this approach to blogging is because I have memory problems brought upon by the MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I considered how much my memory had been affected in the past 4.5 years and decided that I needed to do some things to prevent the loss. Well, actually I have always been very active in working to keep my memories and to build my memory-retention-ability. Another reason I am addressing this blog to me is to provide myself a place to make note of memories and things I need to remember.

Mnay people with cognitive problems and diseases that affect memories are encouraged to keep a journal. It occurred to me that I have never been good at keeping a journal, so journaling won't be a good outlet for me. But blogging, which basically a journal that the world can access, is the perfect set up. I get on the computer every evening, so I can take a few minutes to blog about my day, memories that randomly pop into my mind from the past, or other things that are important to note.

If you are visiting this blog, you are hereby invited into the ramblings and wanderings of a progressively dissolving mind. Unlike Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis has treatments to prevent the rapid decline of mental acuity. However, in noting where I was 5 years ago--in graduate school at the top of my class in all aspects and teaching topics I would thoroughly research and retain-- I have decided that if the descent that I appear to be traveling on continues at the same decline rate, another 5 years will show even more memory-retention-ability loss.

So without further ado...     And so are the Days of Our Lives...