Sunday, June 5, 2011

The latest and greatest...

What's the latest and greatest?

  •  Mom's CEA (cancer marker blood count) is down to 20 from a high of 239!
  • Your weight is down! You have lost a total of 65 pounds in 2 years! Don't blow it now!
There are the low blows too...
The mammogram you had in April came back questionable. So you went for the second one. It was "probably benign". Yep, you didn't like that wording at the time either! You asked your doctor for a US, but the insurance wouldn't pay. So you have to wait for the 6 month anniversary of the 2nd mammo to have another compression  mammo! The pain in your left breast was awful! 2 weeks it hurt!

A cracked tooth left you with pain in the jaw for 2 weeks too!
Syd had a C in science. Which made you realize that you are NOT doing well in the supervision of school work in the evenings. And to make matters worse, it appears that Syd is a mini you. You were horrible about lying about stupid things and so is she. You wouldn't do homework or study and neither will she. The bright side is that you turned out ok. However, the scary part is that there were so many wrong turns that you took that could have ended so badly! You definitely don't want Syd making any of those bad decisions. Pray. Pray more. Then Pray even more.
Andy is still here. What does that mean? It means that after the 4 sons and a stupid incident, you still stick with him. Why? Because deep down you do love him. He makes you laugh. He is the best friend you have. He says he loves you. More importantly, the kids need him. You need him...financially and for taxi service. Does that mean you will stay with him forever? Yes, I love him. He would have to really screw up again.

Turning the corner...
Financially life still sucks. I don't know if we will ever have breathing room! I do hope so. How will we ever help the kids with school?

MS is fair. Today sucked, but you are really doing great. MAybe it is the weight loss. Maybe it is the fact that the Avonex gives you more days in the week that you feel good, that you actually can plan around, that you can now do more! No matter the reason, physically you are better. :-)

Nancy Matos is an AWESOME friend from YT. Hope she is still txtn and messaging the next time I stop by for an update...

Be you.